Every day is a fresh opportunity to make memories that you will cherish!


For my first post on my website, I should probably be writing something about how “Stringed with Love” begun but I’d really like to express what’s on my mind by living in the moment, not letting these beautiful thoughts fly away! Heres, to a new beginning…

Recently, with each passing day, I’ve been considering this thought ~ “Every day is a fresh opportunity to make new memories that you will cherish!” And I want to cease this opportunity to jot down some of these thoughts. So what, if your motivating and inspiring thoughts seem like a ramble, which I see is my case here. Maybe this is how blogging begins at first? I’ll find out… But for now just want to write down everything that is crossing my mind right now especially because it is filled with inspiration and motivation! So, here………

Make each day count! As one who loves the Lord, I love to begin my day with telling Him how much I love Him! And thanking Him for another opportunity at life! A new day! A new beginning!

As a person who loves clicking pictures of every smallest thing I like, I think it’s a great way to remember memories that I’ll cherish by clicking at least one picture of what I liked in my day. Having an instagram account helps! 🙂

I love journaling. I’ve been journaling since I was in Jr. High. Journaling helps lay my thoughts and memories down and gives me a glimpse of what I was and of my journey thus far in life. So, I want to write at least one thing in my journal that I really liked about that day or in that day. It is quite impressive how the human brain so quickly processes and stores hurt feelings/happenings in the ROM (read-only memory ~ this is my IT consultants’ side of the brain talking); ROM is kind of like a core memory, you know? So hey, writing one good thing about my day is great!

Like me if you are one who has to spend most of your time indoors? Whether because of your job/being a homemaker/whatever your case. I’d like to get out from inside and go out there to take the time to breath some fresh air and see the sunshine! This really adds to my day and brings a smile each time! Sometimes, these few minutes become the highlight of my day!

Last but not the least, have one activity that brightens your mood each day. Maybe a walk? Bike ride? Craft? Cooking a dish you’ve always wanted to cook? Read? Listen to that one song from when you where in college/school. Something. I find it helpful when I note down some of these things I’d love to do since often times they remain forgotten amidst all the work through the day, but when I note ’em down it becomes handy when I’m not having a good day and can’t think of something that could change my mood ~ helps with the bumpy-ride kinda days!

Hope you enjoy making new memories each day! Have a wonderful day! You still have time to make your “memory to cherish” today! 🙂


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