Your Life is Your Story to Tell!


Everyone likes a good story. Of course, the definition of good in this case varies from person to person. This thought has been pondering in my head for a few days that ~ my life is my story to tell…

All of us have a story.. What is your story? Do you like your story thus far…

Hey! I know it’s a work in progress, won’t it always be until you’re alive lol!! Honestly the best part though is that we have been given an opportunity to work on our story with each passing day…

When it is time to tell our story and words start flowing from our mouth is when there sometimes comes the realization that the choices we have made so far have made a huge impact to what our life is today. Some of the smallest choices in my day puts a small cloud above my head with the words, “do I really want this to be my story today (grin)?”..

To me, every choice is like a crochet stitch (remember you are reading the blog of a crocheter hahaha). With each stitch progresses this thing that I make. When I don’t pay attention to my stitches or lose count I regret for what I am working towards is not what I will have. As a crocheter, every stitch counts! And I think, as a human, every choice we make counts. It adds to another line in the story of our life.

So often we have the choice to bring a smile to even a stranger just with a spontaneous smile or a greeting, but we miss the opportunity by choosing to be so filled with ourselves. Alas! If only we wake up to the wonderful fact that the greatest gift God has given us ~ “the gift to choose”, we will not take another choice lightly… (When I have to choose, I choose Him to choose for me for He knows best..and I love Him so much!)

Well, my dear reader ~ remember, each day is filled with choices! Choose wisely so you can tell your tale without reluctance. If you are a believer like me, I pray you choose the Lord above all things in everything!

Today, I choose to smile away the tears, and not focus on my fears and keep working on each stitch at a time. I’m learning, learning to live, live ~ one day at a time…actually one choice at a time… Your life is your story to tell! Today, is another fabulous opportunity to work a little more on your story.. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

This is my choice ~~ "not that I have already obtained or am already perfected, but I pursue, if even I may lay hold of that for which I also have been laid hold of by Christ Jesus" ~ Philippians 3:12 

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