When friends become strangers…

One lesson I learned very early in life is that, “Change is the only constant in human life”. The optimist in me embraced this lesson as a hugely positive one. As we grow, the challenges we face seems to grow with life. And during such times we find that God has a way of strengthening us through people who are around us, particularly our friends. Of course, I cannot deny how we can be uplifted even through strangers sometimes. And if we are fortunate to have our families living close then they are it. But for those of us who have experienced comfort in trials through friends and companions; we who live too far away from our families, where our families are unaware of our life and experiences, it can be hard for us to experience friends becoming strangers.

As humans, there is a constant seeking in us to connect. I think it’s kind of ingrained in us. To connect, to relate. The more technology has grown we find ourselves connecting to machines more than humans lol. Something in us seeks relation, connection. Which causes us to socialize. Make friends. Connect. Relate.

The bitterest hurt in life is to be wounded in the house of your friends; to be wounded by an enemy is bad enough, but it does not take you unawares, you expect it in a measure. ~ Oswald Chambers

A part of me broke when my friend became a stranger. The new Oxford American Dictionary defines a stranger as, “A person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar”. I felt betrayed. When we become friends, we give someone a place where they can boost us or hurt us. Where one can uplift us or depress us. No wonder the saying, “Choose your friends wisely”.

Well, I realize it is human to seek to make friends and keep them. But if we allow the actions or reactions of one person to occupy too much time and place in our minds, hearts or lives in the name of friendship and if their actions affect our lives, our person to an extent we seem to become bitter instead of better, weary instead of happy then it is time for a reality check. The saying, “We never lose friends, with time we only realize who the real ones are”, helped me. As life passes, our circle may seem to become smaller but it is the real ones that stay.

I would not stop seeking to connect and relate. As long as we have life, I believe we must seek to connect and relate and make new friends and even seek to keep them. Like Oswald Chambers said, “There is always an intangible something which makes a friend; it is not what he does, but what he is. You feel the better for being in the presence of some men.” Don’t let one person discourage you. Make friends! Be a friend! Cheers!


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