Baby Steps to Gardening

Early this year during springtime, I was preparing to try my hand at gardening, something that I have never done before and had no basic knowledge of what is what.

I was excited and confused at the same time haha! I didn’t know where to start. What to start growing for my first plant? I set out to do a little bit of research to prepare myself and started my baby steps at gardening….

The first person I could think of to find some help to begin with was my dear friend, Jan. She has been a very creative gardener. Her house has greens inside and out! She has good knowledge of the different plants you can grow inside and outside your home in the different seasons of the year. I was pretty impressed with her home décor work with real plants. Excited and confused that I was, I called Jan and fumbled for words cos I didn’t know the language of the gardener, eeek! When I asked her how do I begin, where do I start, what should I grow? Her quick reply was, “Wincy, you just need to try out different plants.” She said her learning was through “trial and error” method and discovered that’s the best way to learn. She mentioned I would need a good potting mix and some pots to begin with and even offered to give me some pots to start with. Oh my, was I excited?!

I set out for shopping with my dear husband for the potting mix and pots. From among the many stores I had checked, Costco offered the best organic potting mix. By now I had decided that I would like to grow herbs and veggies and organic potting mix looked like a good choice to me. For the pots, I found IKEA had the best deal and went with IKEA for most of the pots. Home Depot also had some fancy pots which I decided to give a try. Bought a pair of garden gloves from Target. All set to begin haha!

I figured that I would need a dedicated space to put my plant pots. My husband and I were still in the process of finding a new apartment to move in to. So at this point I could work with any spot that had good amount of sunlight. And the guest bedroom window in our current place had a good spot for some of my pots to begin with.

After doing some research on Google, Cilantro was my first herb that I wanted to plant. I started in March. Jan came over to show me the way to plant my seeds. Planting seeds involves a few steps. First, you have to lay a bed of small sized stones at the bottom of the pots for about an inch high. Then, you add the potting mix for another 6-7 inches. The potting mix from Costco was very good quality and had a perfect moisture content. We both were pleased to work with it! Yay! Seeds were finally sown! My next task was to water it and take care of it! Aah, I was SO excited!!

(read more on Growing Cilantro from Seeds….)

PS: If you observed I’ve shared some valuable tips on places to buy different stuff for beginners (like me) in gardening. If you’re interested in reading more about my experiences on Gardening, subscribe to my blog with your email now! 🙂


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