The Newborn Warmth Set

“The Newborn Warmth Set” holds a very dear place in my heart. I was so excited to make this set! Guess why?? Because this set was custom made for my baby nephew “Joshua Liam” who made me an “Auntie”! 😃 Doesn’t that explain all the excitement and anticipation with which I was crocheting this for the little wonder and the newest member of our family who got here, November 2016!

Newborn warmth set! (Blankie, hat, socks, mittens, bib)

In India, you don’t find out the gender of the baby until the birth. So without a clue if it was going to be a niece or a nephew, I chose the color ~ yellow! Smart, ain’t I. 😉 Lol. This was going to be a surprise gift to my sister. Mum and dad were to give it to her on the day she gave birth to baby Josh. When it did happen, my sister was excited cos she wanted me to crochet something for her baby in the color “yellow” and here it was crocheted all in yellow! Poof! I breathed a sigh of relief and thought “why did she not tell me”, lol! Well, it was a win-win time for both of us, that’s what mattered, haha! And lo and behold baby Joshua Liam rocked the newborn warmth set!😍 My sweet little munchkin nephew looked absolutely “the cutest” in his auntie’s Stringed with Love set and of course I was a proud auntie!!😊

This is my pattern and if you would like this custom made for a newborn or a baby shower, email me at Thanks for visiting!


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