Growing Cilantro from seeds

In my last post, “Baby Steps to Gardening” I shared about sowing Cilantro seeds. After sowing them, my next task at hand was to water them. If your potting mix has good moisture you may not necessarily need to water the seeds immediately after planting. However, it is good if the mix doesn’t have much moisture content to water it.

I would water my cilantro pot everyday with some water, not much. Too much watering is also not good for plants, it could kill them. Then, I was eagerly looking forward to seeing the sprouts.

A week passed by and nothing. Two weeks passed by and still nothing. The wait did seem long being my first plant. 😀

But then, on the 15th day from planting the seeds, there it was! Suddenly all these sprouts as if had magically come out from nowhere. I was so pleased to finally see them! It was worth the wait! Watering was essential for life to grow and spring forth in the form of sprouts. One of my favorite verses came to mind when I saw life expressed in this way from 1 Corinthians 3:6, “I planted, Apollos watered but God caused the growth”. I was a happy girl haha!


Another two weeks later, my husband and I had to set out on a week’s vacation. I was getting all stressed out because I didn’t have anyone to water my plant. I may sound like I am caring too much here, but hey, this was my first initiative on planting and these were my first babies in gardening hahaha.

Anyways, we left for our vacation and on our return after a whole week of not watering my cilantro sprouts, guess what was the sight? The picture below it was! I realized that Cilantro could survive and even grow without much watering in low sunlight. Remember, we’re still talking about spring?


By summer, I was harvesting my cilantro and it would grow right back. I enjoy cooking with cilantro and my plant enjoyed feeding us! I had to feed it with water and fertilize it occasionally with an organic fertilizer and in return it would feed us by growing so much. It was a wonderful experience for my first plant!

In the picture below, we had already moved in to a new apartment with a balcony and since it was now summer, I could keep my plants outside under the smiling sun! And make sure I water them regularly so they don’t get dehydrated! 🙂 Yes, even plants can dehydrate and react to it. Watch for my next post on how did I find out my cilantro was dehydrating.